“"There is no such thing as a bad picture of yourself, that’s just how you look sometimes"”

Jake’s not talking today.
Maybe this shirt’s not just for you, but maybe for that gal in calculus class, too?

K……….that episode was boring

Terry Sweater! We haven’t heard that name since college. But that Terry Sweater wasn’t French. Or as cool as this.

It’s Simon and Marcy, zoomin’ from the past into the future of the Land of Ooo! This brand new Adventure Time design is printed on a ladies’ French terry sweater, one of our latest new additions to the WeLoveFine shop; you can get it now, along with all of our recent Adventure Time styles!

Marcy baby

Netflix describes Adventure Time


From Ian Jones-Quartey.

keyframes by Pen Ward, Inbetweens and timing by yours truly

Yah finn
I luv cupcakes!!!!!!!! And adventure time!!!!!!!!!!

And now for another Adventure Time exclusive comics cover, this one by Natasha Allegri for next month’s Comic-Con in San Diego. Just 500 of these will be available.

Natasha’s Exclusive Fionna & Cake Cover for San Diego Comic-Con
Good luck getting this Fionna & Cake comic at Comic-Con next month. There will be more than 100,000 attendees at the Con, and only 500 of these issue #1s with the exclusive Natasha Allegri cover available.
Next on our to-do list? Talking BOOM! Studios and Natasha into a “Bee and PuppyCat” comic.
Thanks to the folks at Comics Alliance for the sneak.